Biography: Christie Poulos

Christie Poulos is a content marketing and communications specialist with more than 15 years experience in content, events and marketing communications for clients in Australia and the UK.

Christie Poulos content marketing specialist

In the beginning… determined to become a high-powered advertising executive in La Perla underwear, Christie was dismayed to find herself accidently working in Public Relations – an industry she associated with low budgets and women wearing red power suits. After a short period of thrashing around, she soon settled into a PR groove and found herself enjoying it so much she even turned down a start as a Junior Copywriter in a large Oz agency.

In a strange twist, never quite understood by her mother, Christie soon found her niche in extreme sports and spent six years in Australia working on various sports events; promoting everything from the World Cup of Skateboarding to privateer motocross teams. When a short mission to China as Business Development Director of a sports start-up ended in spectacular failure, Christie fled to the mountains of British Columbia to become an average waitress, and an only slightly better skier.

Moving to the UK in 2004, Christie quickly fell back into the extreme sports world, with a role at Red Bull where she set up the Moving Image department. In that role, she was responsible for creating and driving relationships with broadcasters and production partners, producing innovative, high-quality content, and creating distribution opportunities across TV and digital channels.

In 2011, Christie returned to Australia, where she set up jumpshot, and has enjoyed working with brands such as Ikon Communications, Westfield, Coles, Adobe, Red Bull, and Cricket Australia, to help craft, produce, and maximise their content strategies and initiatives.

Christie is passionate about entertaining content, and believes that brands can truly innovate in content, to achieve their marketing goals and deliver the elusive ‘win-win-win’ to brands, platforms and consumers.

She is still yet to own a red suit….