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Jason Sudeikis NBC Sports Promo

How to do funny content in sport

Whilst watching this very funny clip this morning, I got to pondering: what’s the best way to do comedy in sports, particularly when you’re dealing with real athletes and teams, with legions of fans with very clearly formed opinions? Jason Sudeikis stars in this short film imagining what might happen when an American Football coach […]

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Thirsty dog toupee

IBIZIOUS ENERGY Viral: A bit of sexy. A lot of wrong.

As someone who worked in marketing for an energy drink for many years, I generally avoid other energy drink content stuff like the plague. However, there was something about the ultra 80’s key frame (energy drink and hot dog anyone?), which just dragged me in. So happy I watched this. It’s enriched my life. From […]

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Sex, Kung Fu & Gaffer Tape – The Content & Creative stream at ad:tech Sydney

Recently and for the first time, I found myself a chairperson at a marketing conference… and I liked it! The microphone, the clever people, the lack of presenter’s pressure and all the mentos I could eat. Bliss! Some (OK, me) were referring to the Content & Creative stream at ad:tech Sydney as the ‘sexy stream’, […]

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We’re part “Exhibitionist” (but which part?)

We took a look at this fun visual, and concluded that at jumpshot we’re part “Exhibitionist” i.e. instagram, and part “A/V Nerd”, i.e. YouTube. Certainly “Ministry of Pretentious Photographers” really resonated… What are you?

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Everything that's wrong with branded video...

Everything that’s wrong with branded video…

…is summed up in this disturbingly accurate, and (god I hope) tongue in cheek video about ‘Buyral’, an incredible service which promises to make your video ‘viral’, without any of the mess (viewers). It’s easy to forget, in this ROI-obsessed industry, that there are some kinds of success that can’t be measured in numbers or […]

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The cutest pork you'll ever see on YouTube

The cutest pork you’ll ever see on YouTube

We think this video – Grand Prix winner at Cannes this year – is a sign that we should dedicate some funds to spend a week Cannes sucking up creativity and champers, and inflicting our high school French on the locals. I love animation. I love content. I love pigs (although mostly pork). I feel […]

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a meme created by jumpshot, to celebrate the history making Red Bull Stratos project

Meme Too: we celebrate Red Bull Stratos

Bigger update to come later, but I just wanted to share my thoughts about being involved with this history making project for the past four years:    

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Blog cherry popped with wiggly wonder!

Blog cherry popped with wiggly wonder!

For some weeks now, I’ve found myself quite paralysed. Quite unsure about what wondrous, wise and wow thing I should post first on the shiny new jumpshot blog. I ummed. I ahhed. I twiddled thumbs, and crinkled brow. But just could not think of something that would make the kind of statement I need to […]

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