Everything that’s wrong with branded video…

…is summed up in this disturbingly accurate, and (god I hope) tongue in cheek video about ‘Buyral’, an incredible service which promises to make your video ‘viral’, without any of the mess (viewers).

It’s easy to forget, in this ROI-obsessed industry, that there are some kinds of success that can’t be measured in numbers or percentage points (gasp!), and that how you make a viewer FEEL or THINK is just as important.

Yes, this video is a shill for a fake service (again, god I hope so). But this kind of practice is not that unrealistic, and it’s our own gosh-darn fault for being so obsessed with numbers, click throughs, total views, and CPMs. We forget that creating content, that impacts a good number of our target audience, with a perfect message or experience, is success.

Roll on a time, when we can all sign up to a system of measuring success, which suits the content opportunity.

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